Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tuesday Night Painting-- and look what happened!

This is a Crafty Wave project of Donna Dewberry's! All I done was read the directions and POOF! It's done! Her projects are easy and anyone can do them. Just give it a try.
This is a tray like Donna's but I added some roses to the scene! You know I can't live without my ROSES! Wouldn't it be lovely to have some tea served on this tray?


Purplepixiepop said...

That is AWESOME!! The colors are pretty and the details are amazing. :) What you doing listening to Black Eyed Peas? LOL I like working out to their music. Pump it is one of my favorites.

Grace said...

good job !!!!!
but you do good work !!!!!!

goldengirl said...

LOVELY one once again God is working through you to bring about such beauty!!!!!!!!! Love You, Evelyn

Don C said...

So real looking I can smell'em !!!!