Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Update on Magnolia Picture

No, it's not my birthday. I was singing the song the little guy does on TV. My Lord and Savior brought me into the world on October 7th. Then everybody can wish me Happy Birthday!
Thanks for visiting my blogspot. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and your heart will be filled with love.
May God bless,

Today's Paintings

Finished Birdhouse

Unfinished Birdhouse

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My sister- Mable

My sister (Grace) and I went to visit my sister Mable yesterday. We stop at Walmart on the way there and I bought some of those ice cream dishes like Donna Dewberry paints the bumblebees on. Plan to use those dishes soon too.
After we stopped at Walmart my car just drove us over to the New China Buffet for lunch and we just had to go inside and check out the food. All of it!!!
We had a good visit with my sister the three of us laughed and talked about the old times. Mable is my oldest sister but she seems more like my mom since my real mother and father has past away. She has the heart of an angel. I guess cause she is a good christain woman.
Gotta get off this computer. But I'll be back soon with maybe some more paintings.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Another visitor to the Farm

Just caught a glimpse of another deer visiting down at the pond. About 8:50pm. Must be thristy! This looked like a buck.

Summertime Getaway!

My husband and I took off Wednesday morning for Atlanta to see the Georgia Aquarium. It started raining on us in McDonough so we pulled over and got a motel room. Thursday morning we got to the Aquarium early about 9am before the crowd. (We also got parking cheaper that way too.$7 instead of $10)
But the Aquarium was awesome!!! You must see this to believe it! All kinds of fish and animals that live in water! From catfish to perona to sharks to whales to eels to sea lions to pequins! They got it all!
It's so amazing to see the wonderful animals God created for us to enjoy. When people see things like this how can they not believe that someone out there(God) created all of this. These animals are not just some cosmic explosion! They have a Creator just like we do!
We even saw a sea otter crack a sea shell on the side of the tank!
Children would LOVE this place too cause they have little tunnels they can crawl in to see the fish. How awesome is that! I would have loved it if I were a child!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July Hot in Georgia!

Hope everyone is having a great July4th! Let's pray for our troops and their families! God bless them all!