Thursday, May 1, 2008

Talk about a busy bee! Wheew!

I need to catch my breath.
I had a show on the 25th of April for the Relay for Life at our church. They auctioned off the rooster and roses window I had painted for $75.00. And I sold a good bit at my booth. So that was great!!!
Then today my husband hit me blind sided with the fact that he and I would go to Super Convention 2008 in Orlando, FL!!!! I am still in shock! The only condition was that I had to get the registration fee reduced $50.00. So I did! AND that we could go down in November for my Level II certification!!! Two shockers in one day!!! My heart may not be able to take the pressure.
So today I have booked the hotel ( Caribe Royale Hotel- only the best)and registrated for the convention.
Tomorrow I will be going to Walmart. Oh such is the days that aren't busy. But I paint the roses so I take the time to smell them too.