Thursday, September 1, 2011

Learning new techniques never stops! I LOVE IT!

The original painting is done by Dorothy Dent called "Evening Shower".  I know I don't make it look as good as hers BUT...I have my own creative liscense here!  And best of all I have learned a new technique! 
I took this class from Pennie Sunderman at the "Cow and Calf" or Byron Welcome Center in Peach Outlet Mall of Byron, GA.  She is certified by Dorothy Dent and several other artists.  I am working on another painting called "Twilight on Brooks Branch" with the same technique.
The Byron Welcome Center is also where my artwork is located. 

Watercolour Class with Sarah Carey from Royston, GA!!!

If you are interested in taking watercolour classes, I highly reccomend Sarah Carey from Royston, GA.  She loves what she is doing and shows you the attention you need to get a beautiful painting done!  She had to have a LOT of patience to teach me!  Now I LOVE watercolours!

Christmas is just around the corner! So I have been painting ornaments for the fair!

My Apron Painted for the Georgia National Fair in Perry.

The Georgia National Fair in Perry, Ga will be October 6-16th this year.  The Heart of Georgia Decorative Painters will be taking donations for a Hand-Painted Quilt located in the Miller-Murphy Building.  The drawing for the quilt will be on December 10, 2011.  Hope to see all of you there!
(Looks better in person!)

This is a pair to draw to...Rabbit and Prairie Dog Paintings

Trying to catch you up on what I been doing.  Painting. Painting. Painting.