Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring is in the air!!!

Canister Set
Sunflower Tea Jug

Roses canisters and Flowered Tea Jug

I got busy and painted something springy! It was raining here and gloomy. So these items helped to get me in a better mood. You should try it sometime. Be creative. With the right kind of music in the background and some bright lights you too will be in better spirits in no time at all.


goldengirl said...

Wow!!!!!!!! Those are so nice!!!!!!!!! Great Job !!!!!!!!! Love You,Evelyn

Grace said...

Good Job Alice, I know you been busy.

Anonymous said...

You get better and better with each project!! That really looks like alot of hard work! Im so glad you have found something that you really love and it shows in all of your work! God Bless!! Terri L

Don C said...

More nice and "springy" work !!!! The picture looks like it would be good for making sun tea in.