Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Can you believe it!!!

Alice also WON the August drawing and gets to come paint with me!!

Thanks to Sandy & Steven McTier, their 3 boys, Posh & Becks for allowing Sandy to teach me even more than I have learned in her class.
Also for allowing me to come to their house to infringe on their privacy for one day!
God bless this household with all your goodness, mercy and love.


Sandy McTier said...

You are too sweet! I'm looking forward to our day of painting together. Your tiger lilies came out so pretty ~ you should be very proud.
Don't forget you've been tagged! Check out the bottom of my post and play along if you want.

Many Blessings,
Sandy :)

SweetPaws said...

Awe, congrats!!!!! I am so proud of you!!! And I am so happy for you! You have worked really hard to get this for, just keep on going! Hey I will even take any "rejects" that you don't want, b/c even they look good!!!
I am just tickled pink!!! And I know you girls will have a GREAT day! I can't hardly wait to see what ya'll come up with!!!
I think I am almost as excited as you are, well almost. LOL
Ya'll just have a really great day!