Friday, July 13, 2007

Summertime Getaway!

My husband and I took off Wednesday morning for Atlanta to see the Georgia Aquarium. It started raining on us in McDonough so we pulled over and got a motel room. Thursday morning we got to the Aquarium early about 9am before the crowd. (We also got parking cheaper that way too.$7 instead of $10)
But the Aquarium was awesome!!! You must see this to believe it! All kinds of fish and animals that live in water! From catfish to perona to sharks to whales to eels to sea lions to pequins! They got it all!
It's so amazing to see the wonderful animals God created for us to enjoy. When people see things like this how can they not believe that someone out there(God) created all of this. These animals are not just some cosmic explosion! They have a Creator just like we do!
We even saw a sea otter crack a sea shell on the side of the tank!
Children would LOVE this place too cause they have little tunnels they can crawl in to see the fish. How awesome is that! I would have loved it if I were a child!


Kim said...

We were at the Aquarium on Wednesday! This was our second trip. Be SURE to check out my blog this weekend. I am going post some AWESOME pictures I took at the aquarium on there either Saturday or Sunday! Hugs ~ Kim

Don C said...

I have been wanting to go see the aquarium myself. But your description almost makes me feel like I was there. And you're right, nature is a great way to enjoy god's creations. I think he enjoys it all just as we do.

Sandy McTier said...

Beautiful pics of the aquarium. I haven't taken the boys there yet but so need to before they go back to school.
Looking forward to seeing you at class on Monday.

SweetPaws said...

Looks like a really nice place to visit. I wouldn't mind going there.