Thursday, July 19, 2007

My sister- Mable

My sister (Grace) and I went to visit my sister Mable yesterday. We stop at Walmart on the way there and I bought some of those ice cream dishes like Donna Dewberry paints the bumblebees on. Plan to use those dishes soon too.
After we stopped at Walmart my car just drove us over to the New China Buffet for lunch and we just had to go inside and check out the food. All of it!!!
We had a good visit with my sister the three of us laughed and talked about the old times. Mable is my oldest sister but she seems more like my mom since my real mother and father has past away. She has the heart of an angel. I guess cause she is a good christain woman.
Gotta get off this computer. But I'll be back soon with maybe some more paintings.

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SweetPaws said...

Glad to hear ya'll had such a wonderful time!!! We should get together,maybe Thanksgiving!!! Let her know she is not alone, since her hubby has passed. Show her sum love. We could at least ask her about it.