Thursday, August 13, 2009

Praise God!!!! The Bathroom remodeling is over!!!

Alice's Bathroom is something else!!! She now has a walk-in shower with a bench!!!!! How great is that!!!

Jerry's Bathroom is about the same except the tile really makes an improvement! Oh, and he got a built in soap dish! And now has glass shower doors instead of a shower curtain.


Sandy said...

Hi Alice,
It was great seeing you twice this week! Glad the remodeling is over and your bathroom is beautiful!
Have a great weekend.

Herschel and Grace said...

Hi Alice,

Looks good and I see you are looking out for your old age. That is smart.

goldengirl said...

Well Evelyn says it looks very nice indeed! However, I was looking for a whirlpool . LOL. Love you, Evelyn

Purplepixiepop said...

I love both of them! :)

Don C said...

Nothing like a good place to get the SERIOUS work done. Now you two can get'er done in style. They're Nice'uns !!!!