Friday, May 1, 2009

Camellia 4-30-09

Boy, do I miss painting with Sandy!!! I have not painted now for a while and I have almost forgot how to. But this Camellia Plate is gorgeous! Massee Lane Gardens would be proud of me! Huh?


Grace said...

Wow Gorgeous
Good Job !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ummm you say you almost forgot how to paint! NOOOOOOO you have not!! That is beautiful!! :)

Sandy said...

Hi Alice,
It was great seeing you in class! I've missed you so much!!
Your plate turned out so beautiful and you're right Massee Lanes would love it!!
Look forward to seeing you on May 14th.

goldengirl said...

No offense meant but it looks like a magnolia to me. But It is very beautiful! I Love it! Love you, Evelyn P. S. By the way I love magnolias and Camilias.