Sunday, September 28, 2008

80 Rooster on Canvas 9-26-08

I know when my family sees this rooster they will go crazy. Reminds us of our Mama & Daddy. Since they are in heaven enjoying all the roosters and hens that they want. They raised chickens all of our lives. And Daddy would order a "flat" of chickens at one time! That's 100 chickens for those of you that don't know what a "flat" is!


Anonymous said...

now you know i dont have a Rooster
i need a Beautiful Rooster
so this Beautiful is it for me

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh you did this one on purpose!! I will have to fight Grace for that one! LOL You have done a wonderful job on all of these!! Keep up the good work!!
Terri L.

Don C said...

Great job on the rooster !!!! I hope he's not a mean one. At least he don't have spurs.

goldengirl said...

You doggone right we will go crazy!!!!!! That is some rooster!!!!!! Looks as if he is struting!!!!!! LOL. LOVE IT!!! Did you cheat on that cat and rooster? LOL.My girls loves roosters and hens. Terri is having a fit over that rooster for her kitchen. You must have been inspired by "Little Earl". I do love it!!!!!!Love,Evelyn

goldengirl said...

You seem to have some fans even if we are family. Lol. Love all your work. Love you as well,Evelyn