Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last but not least!


goldengirl said...

Love it! You sure look tired from your trip. But I'm sure ya'll enjoyed it a lot! I love that trophy! You go girl!!!!!!!!! Love ya. I know I been out of touch lately. Forgive me. Your Big Sis, Evelyn

Sandy said...

Hey my friend! You did a beautiful job on all of the projects you painted during Convention! I hope you enjoyed your first one and looking forward to next year!!
Have a great week and I hope you can get some rest after such a busy week.

Don C said...

Nice work !!!! And I see you are still building on your talents.

pixiepop said...

Wow!! Simply amazing work! I love your peacock and puppy soooooo cute!! You have gotten really good, I just cannot get over it!!!! You are a true inspiration!!