Saturday, December 29, 2007


I got my diploma from Dewberry Designs, Inc. for One Stroke Certified Instructor Training class! Also got my name tag.
This was my dream to paint! Now I am certified to instruct painting classes! I can't believe it!

And on the first day to meet Donna Dewberry herself was worth the whole trip!!! I thought she would be conceited and too busy to even stick her head in the door. But she is just the opposite! She is wonderful, down-to-earth and very friendly! But most of all she is a christain, which means more to me than anything! She even taught the class the first day! Wow! Now who can say that about a world renowned famous artist like her.

I would like to thank the whole staff that works for Dewberry Designs, Inc. Have a blessed New Year and I wish you all the best with Super Education 2008!!
Alice S. Jackson, O.S.C.I.

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