Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Moultrie EXPO

Jerry and I went to the Moultrie EXPO on Tuesday. Boy, we got their before the crowd and it was still so crowded we could hardly move. Not to say anything about our bodies being EXHAUSTED and our pocketbooks to boot!
This is not for me! Too many people and no place to sit! Don't think you can go there and stay on your diet. I blew mine that day. The lemonade I had was so watered down it was like drinking water. But that was fine with me. Jerry didn't like it. But it ran my blood sugars up.
Needless to say I went to bed as soon as I got home about 7pm.
Not for me!


Don C said...

It's still nice to go and see all the stuff they have there even if it is tiring as you say. Maybe I can catch it next year.

SweetPaws said...

Never been to it, but sure would not mind going at least once.