Friday, May 11, 2007

Thank You!

Hi, everyone,
I would like to say thank you to all of you who commented on my artwork! Eveybody needs encouragement. Especially me! Because I have always been kinda on the shy side. But the comments really help me to push forward and try that much harder. Thanks for the bottom of my heart.
God has richly blessed me with a talent. But I was not trying to develop it. Then one day I walked into the Hobby Lobby and saw where they offered painting classes. I just wanted to paint roses to start with. But now I look at things in a different way. I see things that I never thought I would want to paint be the very thing I paint. Well, it doesn't make sense to me either. But I'm having fun doing it. And if I can bring a little light into someone elses life, good! Then that's what God wanted me to do.
Have a Blessed Day in the Lord Jesus Christ!


Kim said...

Alice, I think you've done a fantastic job on your painting. I've enjoyed visiting your site. I agree about the comments as well. Please feel free to visit my blog "Kim" link on Sandy's blog and comment there as well. It is definitely encouraging to know others are sharing in your joy. Keep up the good work and I hope we are able to share another class together soon!

Sandy McTier said...

I'm so glad you didn't stop at Roses. I have so enjoyed watching you progress in your painting over these few months. Like I tell everyone in class ~ everyone is creative ~ you just have to tap into it and you have certainly done that! Keep up the awesome painting.

Don C said...

Keep up the good work. I didn't know you was such a good painter.

TinyDot said...

You are a bright shining STAR! This painting stuff has brought more out of you than just painting! You shine like a star in the sky! You just need to keep going and don't ever stop! And you have a great heart to go with it. Just put your whole heart into your paintings and you will be fine.
I think you have done a little more than just tap into a new talent! I think someone opened the flood gates!!! And I'm loving it!!!