Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alice's Creations

Let me introduce myself. My name is Alice Jackson. I'm married to a wonderful man that lead me to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1981. I was baptisted at Byron Baptist Church in Byron, GA. We live in Macon, GA. I have no children and he has a son that is 34 years old. We live on a farm that he inherited from his father. He raises beef cattle on the farm. We also have one rooster named "Earl Jr." and a bulldog named Buster.
I started taking art classes at the nearby Hobby Lobby. My teacher , Sandy McTier has made a monster out of me cause all I want to do now is paint! But that is a good thing cause since November 2006 it has kept me out of the refrigerator! I have lost 25 lbs.!


Sandy McTier said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I'm so thrilled that you have a BLOG now!!!! I'm gonna go and add you as a link!!!! Now, your family will be able to see everything you do!!!
It is such a pleasure having you in my classes - you are a fantastic student and have become a sweet friend!

Daughter of the King said...

..that is so funny about not eating since you paint....hmmmm,,,need to keep my hands busier...I rubber stamp...stitch a bit and read and of course BLOG...wonderful that your husband lead you to the Lord...what a BIG Blessing..I too go to a Baptist church..